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Zachary Moonhunter is a former werewolf hunter and jailer who became Captain America's pilot when John Jameson resigned.

Character history

Not much is known of Zachary Moonhunter's early life before he fell under Dredmund the Druid's mind control. Moonhunter became Dredmund's enforcer, training the werewolves of Starkesboro, and hunting and jailing the rebellious ones.

When Captain America and Dr Druid went to Starkesboro to investigate werewolf sightings, Cap faced Moonhunter, who gave the hero for dead after blowing up his Avengers Air Cycle and then throwing him down after Cap tried to take his flying device. Later, Wolverine arrived to Starkesboro and Moonhunter took him down with the help of some werewolves, to later have him mind-controlled by Dredmund.

When the mind-controlled Wolverine faced Captain America, Moonhunter intervened to give him the coup de grace and sent him to Doctor Nightshade to be turned into a werewolf. When the resulting "Capwolf" led the rebellious werewolves against Moonhunter and Nightshade, they unmasked Moonhunter to see if he was the disappeared John Jameson, but Cap was surprised to see he was somebody he had never met before (John would turn out to be one of the werewolves who helped Cap). His weapons were removed and he was caged in the pit where the werewolves were formerly imprisoned.

However, Moonhunter had planned this possibility and removed a fake brick to take claws to climb out of the pit. Then he freed Wolverine but before they went to help Dredmund in the final battle, Dr Druid freed them from Dredmund's control. Then Moonhunter went to the place of the battle and hurt Dredmund, now Starwolf thanks to the Moongem, with an arrow, which gave Capwolf a chance to take the Moongem from Dredmund.

In New York, Zachary solicited to be Captain America's pilot due to John's resignation. He was allowed to test one of the Avengers' Flying Cycles and got into conflict with Falcon, who believed that he had taken it without authorization. Zach was given a chance as Cap's pilot when he and Falcon went to rescue Diamondback from the clutches of Red Skull's minions. While Captain America and Falcon faced Crossbones and Jack O'Lantern, Mother Night sent the Fourth Sleeper agains Cap's plane, piloted by Moonhunter, who used his piloting abilities to send the Sleeper to the blades of the villains' helicopter.