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Priscilla Lyons is a crimefighter also known as Vagabond. Her heroic career began when she got the help of Nomad (Jack Monroe) to rescue her brother Phil from his criminal life working for Slug in drug trade. They defeated Slug with the help of Captain America.

Some time later, when the Commission on Superhero Activities stripped Steve Rogers of his Captain America costume and shield and he became the Captain, Vagabond was one of Rogers' allies, alongside D-Man, Falcon and Nomad. D-Man trained her in hand-to-hand combat, which Nomad misinterpreted as D-Man hitting on her. When the Captain and his allies faced the Serpent Society, Vagabond took Sidewinder to the hospital and had to face Black Racer, who had been sent by Viper to kill Sidewinder. Vagabond defeated Black Racer by tickling her, something D-Man had previously told her wasn't a valid fighting technique.

When D-Man, Diamondback and Nomad were imprisoned by the CSA, Vagabond went with a recovered Sidewinder to free them, but when D-Man decided that escaping would be wrong, Vagabond staid with him, which caused Nomad to break up with Vagabond.