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Mother Night is an ally of the Red Skull.

Mother Night began working for the Skull as the nanny for his daughter Sinthya Schmidt. She began a relationship with the Skull, but he mistreated her, beating her and openly flirting with Viper.

After Crossbones was fired for questioning the presence of Viper, Mother Night was charged with finding his replacement. She found Cutthroat and had Taskmaster give him further training. Sick of the way Red Skull mistreated Mother Night, Cutthroat began a romantic relationship with her behind the Skull's back.

When Crossbones tried to return with the Red Skull, bringing Diamondback with him, Cutthroat was killed trying to kill Crossbones. Diamondback knocked Mother Night out to escape wearing her cowl. After recovering, Mother Night and Blackwing took a helicopter to reach and help Crossbones and Jack O'Lantern against Captain America, Diamondback and Falcon. Mother Night ambushed Diamondback, but was knocked out by her.