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Full name
Other names Jack O'Lantern
Appearance Jack O'Lantern mask, dark green armor over light green chainmail.
Affiliations Red Skull
Allies Blackwing
Enemies Captain America, Falcon
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Jack O'Lantern is a name used by several supervillains wearing a costume with a burning pumpkin mask. The second Jack O'Lantern was part of the Red Skull's Skeleton Crew. He uses a flying glider and weaponry similar to the Green Goblin's.

When Crossbones and Diamondback went to the Red Skull's mountain hideout in Colorado, they were "greeted" by Blackwing, Cutthroat and Jack O'Lantern. Crossbones threw a rope to Jack O'Lantern's ankle, and Diamondback jumped on his glider and threathened him with stabbing his heart with a poisonous diamond. This earned Crossbones and Diamondback an audience with the Skull. The Red Skull allowed Crossbones back into the Skeleton Crew for a probationary period, and had Diamondback imprisoned. Jack O'Lantern (maybe resentful for having been threathened) spitefully pushed Diamondback into her cell, which earned him an angry warning from Cutthroat, who had just found Diamondback was his long-lost sister Rachel.

When Cutthroat tried to kill Crossbones to ensure his place as the Red Skull's main enforcer, Blackwing, Jack O'Lantern and Mother Night arrived just in time to see that Crossbones had killed Cutthroat. When Red Skull arrived, they couldn't confirm Crossbones' word about the killing being in self-defense. ENEMY SPIDER-MAN AND CAPTAIN AMERICA FALCON GHOST RIDER X-MEN

When Diamondback tried to escape using Blackwing's glider and Mother Night's darkness jewel, Jack O'Lantern tried to recapture her, but the one who actually managed it was Crossbones. The two villains took her to a lab where one of the Skull's scientists would use her as a guinea pig to see if stolen samples of Captain America's blood were genuine. When Captain America and Falcon came to save Diamondback, Jack O'Lantern faced Falcon, who countered each of Jack's gadgets with his own, and finally defeated him by detaching his wings and making them dive towards Jack O'Latern, knocking him out.

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