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Herman Schmidt

Herman Schmidt is a sadistic father of Johann Schmidt.


In 1899, Red Skull's Journey begins in a tempestuous night, in a German village about his father who was born without benefit of brain, heart or conscience. Herman's wife, Martha has a soul, gentle as her husband's was coarse. For hours, Had endured the sound of his wife grunts and shrieks as she struggled to deliver up the couple's first child.

When Martha's cries finally faded, replaced by the mulish braying of a baby. Herman staggered to the bedroom and greeted his blood-soaked offspring. The Doctor informed Herman that Martha had just died in childbirth. For the first time of his wasted life, Herman Schmidt cried. He abused and tormented Martha for years, except in his own twisted way, he loved her. It was no doubt, the same love Hitler felt for the Jews, The love all victimizers feel for their victims.

For Herman, the man of hate, must have an object to focus that hate upon. Without it, he is lost to "MADNESS"! Such was his fate. Like an animal, he lashed out by striking the doctor down and ripping the baby from his hand. Then, he begins thrust Johann in the basin of water, submerged his head again and again! The doctor stopped him and save Johann from him. Herman was beyond saving. The animal had lost its will to fight. As Herman slipped to the floor, whimpering like a whipped dog, the doctor cradled Johann in his arm, whispering empty words of solace. In the morning, he commit suicide as he took a straight razor and cut his own throat and died.